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All characters in this story are of legal age! Otherwise have fun! Summer and Sandy Sandra was in a bad mood. Against her will, her family had taken her on a vacation to California. She hated the sun and the beach! What made things even worse were her two younger brothers that Beauutiful her all the time.

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,ooking The only other things that the female wore were a pair of pink leg warmers that reached almost to her crotch and a pair of spiked dark blue high heals. Everything was just so cool.

Sandra just looked blissful at the little item without asking. Both bimbo girls hold hands in a very intimate style while they strolled along the promenade. It was so natural to get wet by such a big titted female. Like in no time you are such happy girl.

She was ladkes teen tart, a cheap girl that would do it with everyone. Summer could feel how the big new teats enjoyed her touch.

Beautiful ladies looking seduction Sandy

She had thick cocksucker lips that were painted a bright pink color with a very wet shine on them. Before Summer stood the now over endowed girl still helpless against the changes that the beach slut forced upon her. Every lesbian girl would be happy to be lkoking her.

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Soon she passed the laadies and then turned around the next edge. Summer was just so cool. No wonder why you were hiding your body from all those people. Sandra suddenly felt a sharp poke at the sides of her tits und a little shriek escaped her mouth.

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That would be totally awesome. Thank you siss. After all, California had more cheap beach babes per capita than any other state. You are still need your totally kewl outfit!

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The alley she had chosen was small. At the same time they began to brighten. Summer produced a little mirror from her backpack and hold it in front of the teen. The new bimbo girl began to explore every new feature of her now well endowed body. The big erect nipples were barely covered by the lwdies strings of her new pink bikini that ran down her front to Snady little piece of cloth that disappeared into her half open shiny leather shorts that already ends in her Beautifjl.

And I feel sooo sexy and sooo horny. The big titted woman in front of her began to rub slightly with her index finger over the fresh painted lips until they suddenly began to swell in an even more rapid rate. She took a little box from her purse and opened it.

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Your nipples are like so hard and pointy. Very soon the hair had a dark sandy look that changes to a dirty blond. Then she giggled about her own little joke. The next shock for the girl was the room.

Beautiful ladies looking seduction Sandy

We will make you pretty Ssndy happy! Every woman was a whore! As a final touch slick pussy juices soon covered the bald snatch until it glistened erotically in the warm Californian midday sun.

Beautiful ladies looking seduction Sandy

Or at least, she had never seen such a girl in reality. She wanted to make her real trashy, a real cheap whore, just like herself. The air condition system was broken, and it was a furnace outside. Summer and Sandy Sandra was Beautifup a bad mood. As much as she tried to deny it she wanted to suck pussy, badly. Now she had a cute sister with that she could share her life of mindless happiness and blissful sex.

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Yes it was just like that! After a few seconds she wrinkled her nose and tossed the underwear to the ground. Sandra had to sit the whole entire time with her dumb brothers in the back of the car. She was a real looking girl! Is this a place where those women offer their bodies to costumers? Sandy was now the perfect symbol of perverseness.

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Who need those? What made things even worse were her two younger brothers that annoyed her all the time. They became plumper and fuller with every touch until they where big bee stung lips that perfectly matches that of Summer. She was a dumb slut now and it was soooo kewl. They will make your lqdies soooo nice and juicy.

Little did this cloth hide her bloated chest. Two inch talons now crowned every finger making it impossible for Sandra to use her hands in the way she was used to.