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By Candice Jalili April 9, You and your bae have been together for a while now. You've passed that initial exciting spark phase. You've passed the first "I love you.

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It also doesn't mean you're not meant to be or you won't work out long-term. More wanting to sleep alone and make capital letters and decorate my home to my taste without compromise.

Married and wanting excitment

Briefly, occasionally. I quickly started reconnecting with my friends that I had sadly begun to ignore when I started dating him and began living the single life and having a great time. By Candice Jalili April 9, You and your bae have been together for a while now.

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So far it refreshing to do whatever I feel like doing, when I feel like doing it. I'm glad I did it because it sort of got those feelings out of my system and after Magried I was able to settle down into the relationship I'm in now and know that I don't want anyone or anything else. The love was like a friendship love, we became like buddies.

Married and wanting excitment

But touching doesn't always have to be sexual or go in that direction. It brings so much awesomeness and comfort to have another player on your team. When you're feeling bored in your relationship, it's easy to overthink it. If you and your partner invest the time and the energy into spicing things up, your relationship can feel just like it did in the beginning.

Married and wanting excitment

You can talk through why you're feeling so stuck and bored, and figure out what you need to add into your life to make it fun, exciting and fulfilling again. We always end up missing each other early. But it's not something you should stress over.

Why the spark fades in a relationship

Not so much wanting to be single, but needing a chunk of alone time. Relationship responsibilites felt like a burden. I wanted excitement and I also wanted to see who else wajting out there for me as I hadn't really dated anyone but him. Also the idea I'll never fall in love again is scary. I wouldn't call it a longing but I've been married for 10 years and I have moments where I miss single, kidless life!

I tell hubs I need more alone time and he takes kiddo out for the day or weekend so I can get that single feeling. We both take a separate vacation once a year, usually around two weeks to a month, when we pretend we're single and don't contact each other at all.

Married and wanting excitment

Honestly, you can try anything to make your relationship feel exciting again. It can be if you're scheduling the same things over and over again. It's not being single we want.

Married and wanting excitment

You've passed that initial exciting spark phase. More like this. But I've also decided that I'm not going to pursue anything with anyone for several months, just so that I can wantibg my head.

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I have dreams of just going off and doing adventures, living in weird situations, putting myself in dangerous situations, or being a new person. Doing something new doesn't have to be anything crazy or unusual.

But I guess when it comes down to it, I like my boyfriend more. Fortunately, you can turn it around. Spontaneity is great, but scheduling a new activity to do together or penciling in some one-on-one time together in the bedroomcreates anticipation. We've come to a conclusion though.

Is it normal to fantasise about being single when you're in a relationship?

Unfortunately, the excitement of new relationship energy doesn't tend to last very long. As long as you're genuine and putting in the effort, your partner is sure to welcome it. Yes because although I still loved him, I wasn't in love with him anymore. I mean, kind of?

Is it your marriage or your depression?

One of those times where the spark just kind of fades out. It's not necessarily that you're unhappy; it's that you have an inexplicable longing for your single life routine. For instance, getting too comfortable in a routine or losing your independence in your relationship can lead to boredom.

I miss having someone to snuggle with, and I excjtment the other day that this is longest I've gone without sexual contact from someone else. You wanna buy a car, it's a discussion with another person.

We want to go back and live the highlights.