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Cherokee Nation Trail of Tears by Rachel Dodge Aggie Silk was my grandmother and she has told me of the many hardships of the trip to this country. Many had chills and fever from the exposure, change of country and they didn't have too much to eat. When they would get too sick to walk or ride, they were put in the wagons and taken along until they died.

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They were soon moved.

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This removal from Georgia to Arkansas was about the year of Now it is called the Abrams Hill, as they took the land. It was to keep the white settlers out of Indian lands.

Woman shot in White Oak Georgia nc

We had coal-oil lights OOak sometimes used tallow candles. Although many perished, a few were saved or swam to shore. About ten or fifteen years ago George Oakes bought out the other heirs of the old place but stipulated that the cemetery should still belong to all of the Oakes family.

It is about six miles south of Baxter Springs. Sometimes referred to as the Neutral Strip-along the north end of the Quapaws. He died here and is buried in the Modoc Cemetery. When these soldiers looked after the Nez Perces while they were camped near the fort. They came in two wagons and brought with them, cattle and all the furniture, stoves and things that they could load in the two wagons.

I was born November 24,and my sister, Emma, was born in She was old and had nothing much to do but sit in the corner and live her life over and tell us about it. They lived near Ottawa, Franklin Co. I remember Steamboat Frank. Started at the age of seven and finished U.

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Dowson, Lucy Removal Melissa Bird, an shott woman of the Eufaula tomi tulwa has often talked of the life and incidents occurring in the Muskogee-Creek Indian removal from the old country of Alabama to the Indian Territory. I guess it was then Kiamichi County. Choctaw Nation, on Red River, about 15 miles S. What was it called? They were told of old Jerusalem.

Three other children died young and are buried there of course.

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You know where Sunnyside School is, Yes. Guernsey, Charles.

Woman shot in White Oak Georgia nc

The old earth works may still be there. After grandpa died, grandmother, made her home in the winter with the Tom Hibbins, at the home that she and grandfather settled.

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They remained there about thirteen years thus and moved to the Indian Territory inand settled in the Saline District at which place Norman`s Cove-Long Cove, Newfoundland girls nude was born. I knew she was there a lot after I would start to school in the fall, and when I was studying history, she would tell us of the history of the Indian Territory, and of their coming to this "wilderness" over the "Trail of Tears".

Prior to the beginning of the move, the Indians had already begun the holding of religious services at night. They were not friendly and gave the soldiers lots of trouble. He wore citizen's clothes and nice ones, acted as interpreter and talked English well. Why was this fort established?

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I remember seeing them. Whenever they wanted to, they would stop and let the stock graze and rest, they camped at night, wagons all drawn up close together. She said that everybody who was able to, had to walk, but if babies gave out of the parents could not carry them the drivers of the ox wagons would just take then and swing them against a tree and Normal woman looking their brains out and leave them by the road side like a dog or a cat and not bury them.

They wore blankets, the men wore moccasins, leggins and breechclout. Greene Interview with Mrs.

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She was so afraid they would kill him. The last year they had her study Texas history to keep her busy.

Woman shot in White Oak Georgia nc

My mother's nephew, Joe Holmes, came with them and drove one of the wagons. When they reached the land bought for the Ottawas, they went around over it and each selected the place where he wanted to settle.

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The Fort There was a fort here then. When the move was finally begun a group of the Muskogee-Creek Indians arrived at the Mississippi River.

Woman shot in White Oak Georgia nc

They were thirty days on the road. Born in Georgia, and first settled in Arkansas. White settlers kept coming over the line and trying to settle here.

Woman shot in White Oak Georgia nc

Migration The information that I have as to the migration of my parents, who came west from Georgia, came on their own free will, paid their own expenses and settled around the present town of Coal Hill, south and east of the present town of Fort Smith, Arkansas. They were Cherokees and stopped close Whitd Muldrow where they built log houses or cabins but they didn't like this country at first as everything was so strange.

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Our home was a double low house with clapboards for a roof. It was on the first hill north of there on right hand side of the road. The inside of the log house was covered with red clay and the Indians of the vicinity wore kerchiefs around their he, long shirts and leggings. They wore rings in their noses and ears, had flat he. During the kidnapping, Felipe Herrera, who had accompanied Damaris Kinlaw to the garage sale, was shot Looking for 30 women to chat with killed.

Many had chills and fever from the exposure, change of country and they didn't have too much to eat. Built fires and sat round them after supper, the men talking. Oakes, father, born near Old Goodwater. The Indians of our tribes in this county have had plenty of money and so have not had to live like some.

Woman shot in White Oak Georgia nc